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The Next big events!! [Apr. 28th, 2004|04:25 pm]
Hey Everyone!!

Waltz For Venus shall being joining the Band Order of Melkiezidak for a house show in Muncie!

The show starts at 7 pm this Saturday, May 1st
This is an all ages show, and there is no cover
The address is 900 West Neely Ave.
Again that is in Muncie, IN.

Also, Waltz for Venus is scheduled to play a show at the Riehle Bros in Lafayette, IN. This will be a band showcase that our friends Mainstay Profile are also going to be playing. This is going to be a rock show that is going to last all night, so plan on staying for some great music if you are so inclined!

www.thirdleg.net is the addy for Riehle'S check there for more INFO!!

Waltz For Venus, part of a musical showcase
Seven O'clock pm, on May the 15th
Riehle Bros 2270 Concord Rd, Lafayette, IN.
If there is a cover, it shall be announced at a later date :)

Both dates are gonna ”Rock the rock rock," as Aaron O'Maley has so eloquently put it! So we hope you can make it out the shows and party with the band!

Also, the recording process is coming along great, and the Waltz-cave is rocking with awesome sounds of freshly recorded versions of the main staples of your Waltz For Venus musical diet. So there is something for you to write about in your diaries tonight, as you fall asleep and dream of the Next WFV show coming to the venues near you!!