WFV this week!!!

Waltz For Venus is looking at a pretty busy week! We've got a few shows this weekend, so you've got no excuse to make it out to a show! Heck, if you want, you can come to all three, we won't mind at all! Here's the details...

Thursday April 14th
Waltz For Venus at The Melody Inn
w/ Milton Mapes and Grand Champeen
21+ Show Starts at 9pm, WFV at 11pm $5 Cover Charge

Saturday April 16th
Waltz For Venus at The Spotted Cow Festival!!!
At Indiana Wesleyan University, All Ages Welcome, No Cover, WFV plays at 2pm

Saturday April 16th
Waltz For Venus at the Skylight Coffeehouse!!!
Lafayette IN, All Ages, $3 Cover Charge WFV at 9pm

So, there you have it. Saturday is no typo, WFV is rocking all day long!!! Please come out at support us this week!!! Hope to see you at a show!
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Check out and you'll find that WFV has been named "Artist of the Month for the month of February!!! There's a TON of news and happenings at the moment for WFV, so keep checking the site if you want to stay in the loop! Tons of new shows are being posted, almost daily, with more lined up. Waltz for Venus is really taking off, and the buzz surrounding "devastation.celebration" is HUGE and growing daily. You do not want to miss a second!!! Thanks for the support, and we'll see you at a show soon!


2.05.05 Clinton Prairie High School, IN

2.12.05 The Legacy, Terre Haute, IN

2.18.05 Riehle's 2 "THE DEUCE", Lafayette, IN

2.19.05 The Legacy, Terre Haute, IN

2.25.05 Rowdy's, West Lafayette, IN

Waltz For Venus
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Hey gang! Lots of stuff going on in the WFV camp. Most noticeably, we've got a new website up!!! It's got a online store, downloads, news, street teams... All kinds of stuff! So get on over there, and buy something! We will continue posting updates here, but for your most comprehensive WFV reports, check out the all new website! Thanks a bunch! -- Aaron
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Lafayette Press!!!

Check out for a review of our Lafayette show. Here's a snippet: "Their energy level is high each time I’ve seen them play, and this night was no different…" There's also some sweet pics on there. Much thanks to the Thirdleg peeps for the love, and for making it happen in Lafayette! We will be back at Riehle's in no time at all!!! Keep rock rockin!


Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that we are working really really hard to get the website updated. (Finally!) Jay's working on all the coding and html that his brain can handle. Hopefully we will have it running by the middle of next week. In the meantime, WFV will have a few songs up on in the next day or two for you listening pleasure. WFV is also diligently working in the studio on their next EP, and things are coming together very nicely. There's also some other big news that we are still ironing the details out of, but as soon as we can tell you, it will be on here!!! Thanks for reading, don't be afraid to comment, and keep checking back for more and more updates!!!